Sept. 11, 2009 — NEW YORK — Americans planned beach cleanups, packages for soldiers and save-the-tree fundraiser along with familiar remembrances in three cities to mark eight years since the attacks of Sept. 11, the first time the anniversary was named a nation day of service.

“Instead of us simply remembering the horrible events and more importantly the heroes who lost their lives on 9/11, we are all going to turn into local heroes,” said Ted Tenebaum, a Los Angeles repair shop owner.


Sept. 11, 2009 — A man held a gun to the rubs of a jewelry store manager Saturday morning while cleaning out a display case of about $30,000 worth of gold nuggets, gold watches, necklaces and rings.

The man, apparently acting alone, entered Matrix jewelers on Wendell Street 20 minutes after its 10 a.m. opening and demanded the female manager lie on the floor. The name of the manager, who was alone at work, was not released.

Sore owner Kay Hooch said later the gunman emptied the contents of one display case into a black canvas bag but panicked when the phone started to ring.


Sept. 11, 1969 — GRAND VALLEY, Colo. — An underground nuclear explosion equal in force to 40,000 tons of TNT jarred western Colorado Wednesday. But whether it school a billion dollars’ worth of natural gas free from buried rock formations remains to be seen next spring.


Sept. 11, 1944 — Vacation was over for the younger residents of Fairbanks and the surrounding area this morning and their winter-long tussle with books and papers was underway. The University of Alaska opens tomorrow.