Sept. 10, 2009 — State public health officials say a 10-year-old Fairbanks boy who died Friday after contracting swine flu also had a severe bacterial infection, which probably contributed to his death.

The infection, which was confirmed by tissue samples taken during an autopsy, might offer answers about the Hunter Elementary School student’s rapid decline. The boy began showing flu symptoms at school the morning of Sept. 3, and died late Friday night at an Anchorage hospital.


Sept. 10, 1994 — WASHINGTON — The United States and Cuba reached an agreement Friday that will allow thousands more Cubans to enter the United States legally, a move the White House hoped would replace the chaotic refugee exodus with “a safer, legal and more orderly process.”

The agreement, initialed by negotiators on behalf of President Clinton and Fidel Castro, acknowledged the interests of both countries in ending the risky flight by raft across the Straits of Florida.

In Havana, the Cuban government late Friday said it was giving rafters seeking to leave the island 72 hours to remove their rafts from the beaches. The state-run news agency reported that the government planned to begin confiscating rafts next week.


Sept. 10, 1969 — ANCHORAGE — The oil men and their bankers parade down the aisle of Sidney Laurence Auditorium gripping briefcases, their expressions grim.

The occasion was Alaska’s 23rd oil and gas lease sale.

The men who carried checks believed to total billions of dollars maintained their bail of secrecy to the very end, picking up lapel tags only after they submitted their envelope-sealed bids to state officials. But the tags said only “participant” and didn’t identify names of firms.


The News-Miner did not publish on this date. Here is an item from Sept. 11, 1944 — Voters all over Alaska will go to the polls tomorrow, to cast their ballots for Territorial officers and representatives. Polls will be open from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. and prior registration is not required.

Any person of voting age, who can read and write and who has had his residence in the Territory for one yearend in the precinct for the past 30 days, is qualified to vote in that precinct. The voting place for the town of Fairbanks is in the City Council chambers, upstairs in the City Hall at Fifth and Cushman.