Sept. 12, 2009 — The families of many Fort Wainwright soldiers returning from Iraq were surprised this week when commanders announced that soldiers will lose out on three days of leave when they first come home.

Effective Sept. 5, soldiers coming back with the 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry, must report for half-days of reintegration training the day after they return to post. After the training, they can begin leave.


Sept. 12, 1994 — PITTSBURGH — Federal investigators have found new evidence that the right engine of the USAir jet that crashed on Thursday might have malfunctioned during flight, officials of the National Transportation Safety Board said on Sunday night.

The evidence, while not conclusive, increased their suspicion that the engine’s thrust reverser, a braking mechanism, might have partially deployed. They also said that engine’s thrust reverser had been repaired a little more than two months ago.


Sept. 12, 1969 — In a stunning announcement from Anchorage, the state revealed today that it ha accepted only $862,300,000 of the more than $900 million which were bid at the state’s celebrated 23rd Competitive Oil and Gas Lease sale in Anchorage Wednesday.

While the balance of nearly $38 million has not been finally rejected, the state is re-evaluating its geological and engineering data “so as to be sure that the final decision regarding these tracts is in the best interests of the state,” according to Joe Keenan, director of the state’s land division.

Natural Resources Commissioner Tom Kelly indicated that it may be “several days or longer” before a final decision is made.


Sept. 12, 1944 — Twelve hundred pounds of carrots were harvested today from the garden plot at the old Detention Home, it was reported by Deputy U.S. Marshal Jack Buckley, who bossed a crew of prisoners on the job.

The carrots will be used in the jail kitchen.

Buckley remarked that last year the same amount of seed was planted int he same plot and the yield was exactly 12 carrots, which he pointed out was a far cry from the 1,200-pound yield this year.

Another recent addition to the jail larder came in the form of caribou meat confiscated by the game commission.