Oct. 6, 2009 — A Fairbanks woman was sentenced to serve one year in jail Monday for her role in a mail theft ring that targeted areas outside the city.

Under a plea agreement with prosecutors, Jennifer Curry, 30, pleaded guilty earlier this year to one count of felony methamphetamine possession. Sentencing was up to Superior Court Judge Randy Olsen, who also sentenced Curry to three years of suspended time.

The sentence was recommended by the Department of Corrections, though Assistant District Attorney Andy Baldock argued that Curry should receive the maximum sentence of five years to serve.

“Society is sick and tired of meth addicts stealing stuff and the other issues that come with it,” he said.


Oct. 6, 1994 — All three left unfillable holes.

David Burnett “Burney” Dunn, 25, was a lighthearted graduate student at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Biology and Wildlife Department. The handsome young man left behind three years’ worth of field research on Kenai Peninsula lynx — and dreams of starting a nature camp for inner-city kids.

Musicology professor Thomas Johnston, 69, with denim vest till draped on the back of his office chair, left behind a roomful of percussion instruments from around the world. HE had planned to get married and return in his new home in California this winter.

Genezaret Barron, 35, left the UAF student-run newspaper, the Sun Star, without a leader. Professors in the Journalism and Broadcasting Department already miss Barron’s easy style with students and shipshape photography labs.


Oct. 6, 1969 — WASHINGTON — The Nixon administration plans to unveil this week its long-awaited Indian policy, promising continued federal protection while promoting greater freedom for American Indians to manage their own affairs.

Details were kept under light wraps so they could be revealed first to the National Congress of American Indians, meeting this week at Albuquerque, N.M.


Oct. 6, 1944 — ROME — Fifth Army troops hammered out gains up to three miles yesterday over the rain bogged, mountainous-terrain approaches to the Po valley. They captured the road junction of Loiano less than 14 miles south of Bologna on the main road from Florence, Allied headquarters in Rome announced today.