Nov. 17, 2009 — ANCHORAGE — The federal pipeline coordinator of an Alaska natural gas pipeline project announced Monday that she was leaving her position at the request of President Barack Obama.

Drue Pearce said in a statement that Obama had requested her resignation, which is effective Jan. 3.

“I leave an effective and efficient agency with a highly skilled team of professionals actively pursuing our mission,” she wrote. “It has been a profound privilege to lead this innovative team.”


Nov. 17, 1994 — The U.S. Postal Service, in an effort to cut costs, wants to truck non-priority Bush mail from Fairbanks to Anchorage before sending it to Interior villages, adding days to delivery time.

Diverting shipments to Anchorage would, according to the Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce, cost Fairbanks business millions of dollars annually.

Bush customers would instead place orders with Anchorage dealers, who could ship several days sooner since they wouldn’t be trucking goods anywhere. Goods are now sent direct from Fairbanks.


Nov. 17, 1969 — WASHINGTON — The demonstrators who jammed the capital for the biggest peace demonstration in history have gone home, leaving behind a dispute over whether the mass protest against the Vietnam war was peaceful, as they had promised, or violent, as the government had warned.

“I do not believe that, overall, the gathering here can be characterized as peaceful,” Atty. Gen. John N. Mitchell said Sunday of the massive gathering that brought at least a quarter-million war protesters to Washington.

He accused the organizing New Mobilization Committee of failing to heed Justice Department warnings of potential violence.


Nov. 17, 1944 — WASHINGTON — President Roosevelt said today he hopes legislation requiring a year’s government service of the nation’s youth will get through congress this winter.

At a news conference, the President made no attempt to say whether such service should include girls as well as boys.

Asked whether the training should be military in nature, Mr. Roosevelt said that depends on what the reporter meant and asked: Is cooking military? Is carpentery military?