Nov. 5, 2009 – A North Pole couple accused of abusing the woman’s 2-year-old daughter considered bringing another child to authorities to cover up the abuse, court documents allege.

Jennifer N. Downer, 25, and Shiloh Morris, 22, each have been charged with two counts of third-degree assault, a felony punishable by up to five years in prison.

Someone suspecting abuse of the child called the Criminal Investigation Division unit from Fort Wainwright to the couple’s house on Saturday. Morris, a private at Fort Wainwright’s Stryker brigade, and Downer hid the child from investigators at that time, according to the criminal complaint filed in court.


Nov. 5, 1994 — Two white high-top sneakers lay beside the snowmachine, both from left feet. Their recent occupants — two teen-agers riding a snowmachine with a third boy — were kicked to the road when their machine collided with a small pickup truck Friday night on the Parks Highway. The truck was passing north on the Parks when the snowmachine crossed the highway from Chena Ridge Road.

Rescue workers at the scene said the boys — ages 12, 14 and 15 — suffered broken bones and were talking coherently. They were spared serious injury by their helmets, said Phil Rounds, assistant chief of the University Fire Department.


Nov. 5, 1969 — CAPE KENNEDY, Fla. — The space agency successfully tested a color television camera today and said the Apollo 12 astronauts will take it with them to the moon.

The camera which had interference troubles on earlier tests, was plugged into the lunar landing craft atop a Saturn 5 rocket and pictures of a color wheel, the Atlantic Ocean and other objects were transmitted to a receiver at Apollo Mission Control Center in Houston, Tex.

“The pictures were clear and beautiful,” a NASA official commented.


Nov. 5, 1944 — The News-Miner didn’t publish on this date. Here is an item from Nov. 4, 1944 — LONDON — U.S. Eighth Air Force warplanes staged a mass attack on German synthetic oil industries and railways today as more than 1100 bombers and 800 fighters fanned out over targets from Hamburg to Saarbrucken.

One force attacked oil plants in the twin cities of Hamburg and Harburg, while another hit an oil plant at Gilsen-Kirchen in the Ruhr. Third formation blasted military objectives in the Hanover region and fourth flew southeast of Luxembourg against railroad yards near Saarbruken.