Nov. 4, 2009 — Luke Hopkins holds a 617-vote lead over Tammie Wilson in their runoff for borough mayor.

The lead — 52 percent to 48 percent — is tentative. Election workers will count nearly 2,800 ballots Tuesday. The final tally could push voter turnout higher than the regular municipal election last month.

Hopkins and Wilson, both incumbent assembly members, will need to wait until next week to know for sure who won.

Hopkins said his campaign and the race offered insight that will prove valuable if his lead holds. He said the public’s interest in reducing air pollution coupled with the community’s reliance on wood-fed home heating present a tough issue for the next mayor, who will need to find a way to address wintertime pollution.


Nov. 4, 1994 — UNION S.C. — The mother who said a carjacker dumped her on a lonely road and drove off with her two young sons in the back seat was charged Thursday with their murderers after allegedly confessing.

Susan V. Smith, 23, who had made tearful pleas on national television for the boys’ return, was in custody and would be arraigned Friday, Union County Sheriff Howard Wells said Thursday.

The nine-day search for 3-year-old Michael and 14-month-old Alex, which stretched from Georgia to Seattle, ended where it began, in Lake John D. Long near where Smith told police a gunman forced her from the car Oct. 25 and drove away with the boys.


Nov. 4, 1969 — SEATTLE — Work has begun on a documentary film outlining the early days of bush flying throughout Alaska by Archie Satterfield and Lloyd Jarman.

Authors of the book about Southeast Alaska flying, “Alaska Bush Piolets in the Float Country,” they now are searching for movie film taken before 1935 on Alaska flying subjects.

“We’re working with a professional movie maker, Howard Gray,” Satterfield said, “and have been able to track down some film taken as early as 1932. However, he are sure there is more privately owned, if we know who to contact.”


Nov. 4, 1944 — MOSCOW — The Russian newspaper Izvestia, published in Moscow, said today that American troops are in Iran without any agreement with the Iran government.

Izvestia, declared that in the Iran newspaper, Oegholzia, Zed Din, the Iran Premier, “published a letter from the United States Ambassador to the Iran government saying its decision not to grant any American oil concession until the end of the war would not cause the American government regret or alarm, because Iran was an independent country.”