June 10, 2009 — With the 2010 primary election 14 months away, the field of potential candidates for governor is broad, and could grow substantially if incumbent Gov. Sarah Palin opts not to seek a second term.

That’s the big question inmost hopefuls’ minds — will she or won’t she?

Palin campaigned for vice president alongside Sen. John McCain in 2008, leaving many across the country to wonder if she’ll seek the presidency in 2012.


June 10, 1994 — Canadian organizes of the Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race don’t want to see the event turned into “another Iditarod.”

“The Quest is an international world-class professional sporting event that is being held up as a model of dog care under racing conditions,” John Firth, president of the Canadian Quest board of directors, wrote in a letter addressed to Tom Nixon, president of the Alaska Quest board of directors.

“The integrity of this race and the technical difficulties which have made it the ‘Toughest Race in the World’ place the Yukon Quest into a class of its own,” Firth said.


June 10, 1969 —A 10-acre brush fire, threatening because of a 35 knot wind, was brought under control seven miles south of Ft. Greely Sunday by men from the Arctic Test Center and Ft. Greely and civilians from the Bureau of Land Management and Delta.

The fire threatened the home of Bud Hickelhier, but was contained before it caused any damage.

The fire apparently started from sparks from a garbage burn which had been smoldering for three days. Military Police from Greely spotted the fire from the Richardson Highway early Sunday and called for help.


June 10, 1944 — ADVANCED ALLIED HEADQUARTERS, NEW GUINEA — Taking the biggest toll of Japanese warships in months, American airpower has smashed another apparent attempt to aid hard-pressed Imperial troops on Biak Island, headquarters announced today.

Mitchell bombers, diving to mast heights, sank four Japanese destroyers with 1,000-pound bombs, damaged a fifth and drove off a cruiser and another destroyer. The action occurred Thursday off Manokwari, Dutch New Guinea, as the Japanese task force was proceeding eastward across Geelvink Bay toward Biak, 150 miles distant.