June 13, 2009 — Frederick Bayler’s long journey to the priesthood was completed Friday evening at Sacred Heart Cathedral in an ordination ceremony filled with ritual music, song and the ever-present scent of incense.

Following the gospel, the sound of Soaring Eagle drums filled the high-ceilinged cathedral, starting softly, building gradually and accompanied by voices chanting an Athabascan Eyak Honor Song in tribute to Bayler.

During the ordination rite, Fairbanks bishop Donald Ketler reviewed aloud the many responsibilities Bayler was taking on as a priest, teacher and shepherd of the faithful.


June 13, 1994 — The leader of the 1994 University of Alaska Fairbanks Mt. McKinley Expedition has left the mountain with melancholy tales of personal sacrifice and a macabre story of another climb gone wrong.

Seven UAF climbers are continuing on without Mike Sfraga, who returned to Fairbanks on Sunday.

The death Friday of two climbers and injury of two other in another group on Mount Hunter — and Sfraga’s involvement in that rescue — drove home the point that safety must always be a climber’s first consideration.


June 13, 1969 — Three Air Force fliers successfully ejected themselves from their crippled aircraft this morning at 9:15 a.m. after the two crafts collided in mid-air.

The accident occurred about 156 miles southeast of Galena in the McGrath area. Involved in he accident were an F-2 jet fighter and a B-57 twin engine light bomber.


June 13, 1944 — ALLIED HEADQUARTERS IN FRANCE — Allies in Normandy burst forward mightily on all fronts late today, the Americans cracking Cherbourg’s defenses by seizing three towns and driving advance patrols within ten miles of the Port of Cherbourg.

British troops in a deeply biting power drive outflanked Caen, the eastern bastion in the 80-mile battlefront. United States troops captured Balleroy and Allied forces plunged south of Bayeaux in “a big advance.”

Flanking Caen from the west and seizing Thoarn meant a seven-mile advance on the British. It was the first big gain registered in this desperately defended area since a British airborne division landed there a week ago.