June 14, 2009 — Television stations switched from analog to digital on Friday, which left many people in Interior Alaska without a television signal.

According to the Federal Communications Commission, Fairbanks topped a list of cities whose residents rely heavily on outdoor antennas or rabbit ears to receive broadcasts instead of cable, satellite or other paid television services.

Digital converter boxes or digital-enabled televisions are required to capture the signal, but they often aren’t reliable in Fairbanks’ heavily wooded and hilly terrain. Many residents along Chena Hot Springs Road and in outlying communities were unable to get a signal.



June 14, 1994 — ANCHORAGE — A federal jury decided Monday that recklessness by Exxon Corp. and Capt. Joseph Hazelwood was to blame for the Exxon Valdez disaster. The verdict allows victims of the nation’s worst oil spill to seek $15 billion in damages.

Plaintiffs in the case include more than 10,000 commercial fishermen, Alaska Natives and property owners who claim they suffered economic harm as a result of the 11-million-gallon spill in Prince William Sound.

The jury, which deliberated for more than four days, had to find the defendants acted recklessly before plaintiffs could be eligible to collect punitive damages.



June 14, 1969 — WASHINGTON — The American Broadcasting Co. proposed Friday that an experimental satellite now in orbit be used for an experiment in live television broadcasting in Anchorage.

Sen. Mike Gravel, D-Alaska, reported that the proposal was made at a meeting called by NASA. The space agency had invited proposals on what to do with a pair of experimental satellites which have in the air longer than expected.



June 14, 1944 — LONDON — Fifteen hundred United States heavy bombers, the greatest single striking force in air history, attacked France and Germany today in concert with up to 750 American heavies which struck Hungary and Yugoslavia from Italy.

The oil lifelines for Hitler’s thirsty war machine were hit hard, part of the big task force from Great Britain hitting the oil refinery at Emmerich, Germany.