June 17, 2009 — Sebastian H. Mernild has determined the Greenland ice sheet is melting — and sliding into the ocean — faster than it was only a decade and a half ago. Now he’s setting off to learn how and why.

For the past seven years Mernild, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, has studied and projected surface melt in Greenland. His most recent study, published in the journal Hydrological Processes, linked the ice sheet’s disappearing mass directly to rising ocean levels. It was the first study to make the connection.

He discovered that Greenland, which is shedding an average of 86 cubic miles of ice annually, also is directly contributing 0.7 millimeters to the ocean level.


June 17, 1994 — ANCHORAGE — A Senate amendment expected to be offered as soon as next month would end the 21-year export ban on North Slope oil and permit exports on U.S. tankers with American crews. An identical amendment brought up in 1984 was killed on a 70-20 vote.

In an interview Thursday, U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, said he believes President Clinton favors lifting the export ban.

The senator says several congressional members representing other states asked about a partial lifting of the ban. Up for discussion, he said, was a BP proposal that would see Alaska oil exported on U.S.-owned, -built and -operated tankers.


June 17, 1969 — JUNEAU — Juneau’s three state legislators spoke out Monday on the possibility of switching the capital to another location, and two of them voiced strong criticism of Gov. Keith H. Miller.

Miller last week named a Capital Site Review Committee. He said the group was free to consider moving the capital from Juneau, but emphasized that this was “not the basic thrust” of his new committee.The governor refused to comment on action to move the capital. 


June 17, 1944 — WASHINGTON — Rep. Clarence Cannon, Democrat of Missouri, told the House today that collapse of the German armies could be expected by September and surrender of the Nazis by Christmas, “perhaps much sooner.”

Cannon, chairman of the appropriations committee, made the statements in a discussion of a deficiency supply bill.

There is a general belier that the German collapse will be not later then the first or second week in September,” he said, adding that it was his view that there would be “unconditional surrender” of Germany before the end of December.