July 11, 2009 — Fans and the simply curious packed a narrow sidewalk to hear Gov. Sarah Palin say a few words and sign gun-related legislation Friday afternoon in Fairbanks.

The ceremonial event was one of several Palin staged throughout Alaska this week following her abrupt resignation July 3. She also spent an hour talking about Seond Amendment rights and guns with conservative talk radio host and special caller Ted Nugent, a former rock star and a notable pro-gun spokesman.

Richard Stevens of Fairbanks stood on the street corner at the bill signing to see history in the making.


July 11, 1994 — Darlene Feistner had gone to work early on Jan. 8 for her morning shift at the Garden Island Party Store. She was looking forward to an evening with her husband.

A man wearing Carhartts also came into the store on Illinois Street, presumably to use the telephone. After a few minutes he walked toward the store’s restroom in the back.

After a while Feistner walked back to see about the man.

“He grabbed me from behind as I walked down the hall, he was threatening me with a knife as he shoved me to the floor,” said Feistner, 41, on the job for only four months before the attack. “It became apparent that he had more than money on his mind.

“He started calling me all sorts of names and was hitting me in the head with a hammer,” Feistner said. “He was forcing himself on me.”

She finally did the only thing she believed she could.

“I curled up into a ball and let him have it with a good swift kick to the groin,” she said.


July 11 1969 — CAPE KENNEDY, Fla. — Doctors today pronounced the Apollo 11 astronauts physically fit to fly their moon-landing mission next week.

Neil A. Armstrong, Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. and Michael Collins underwent an extensive four-hour examination as the countdown proceeded smoothly toward a Wednesday launching.

Dr. Charles A. Perry, the astronauts’ chief physician, reported: “Neil, Mine and bus paper in good spirits. Their physical state looks good … The Apollo 11 crew is ready for flight.”


July 11 1944 — The City Council last night authorized Mayor H. G. Hughes to proceed with formal application for a federal grant for a white system, decided to employ an engineer to locate a new airport site, and voted to employ E. F. Wann to prepare papers for an application for a new bridge across the Chena River.

The City’s preliminary application for a water system grant has not received outright approval but has been favorably received by all the government agencies involved, it was reported by Councilman John Clerk; and the Juneau office of the Federal Works Agency has forwarded the City the forms for formal application for the project.