July 3, 2010 — JUNEAU — Sarah Palin isn’t going to fade away.

Someone else in her position might have. Two years after the vice-presidential nomination made her a star, the 2008 campaign is fading in memory. She’s not even Alaska’s governor anymore; she abruptly resigned that post a year ago. But she’s evolved into an enduring political personality writ large — and now the talk, growing louder, is of her own run for the White House in 2012.

She’s still a phenomenon. She can command weeks of headlines for a single Facebook observation — see health care “death panels” — and six-figure speaking fees from groups clamoring for her words. “Going Rogue,” her best-selling memoir, added to her luster among her faithful. And in this congressional election year, she has eclipsed other Republicans as provider of the most coveted endorsement.


July 3, 1995 — Country singer and environmental activist John Denver passed through Fairbanks International Airport on Sunday morning, a guitar slung over his shoulder, on his way to a tour of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Denver flew to ANWR at the request of the Northern Alaska Environmental Center, based in Fairbanks.

Sylvia Ward, center director, said they hope Denver can promote keeping ANWR closed to oil drilling after a first-hand look at how beautiful it is.

Before his tour, Denver said he didn’t know a lot about ANWR and would know more after seeing the land.

‘‘I first have to look at the country and see for myself what the debate is all about,” Denver said.


July 3, 1970 — TANANA — A 24-year-old Ann Arbor, Mich., man was in good condition today after being struck by lightning yesterday about 18 miles north of here on the Yukon River.

He is Tom McGuire, who was on a canoe trip from Whitehorse to Bethel with Charles A. Wolf, a retired chief warrant officer also of Fairbanks.

Wolf said that McGuire was sitting next to a spruce tree when the lightning struck the tree and knocked him unconscious. The two had put ashore to wait out a rainstorm.

This reporter arrived on the scene by riverboat shortly after the accident occurred. Wolf set out in his canoe for help and was picked up by Tod Kozedsikossof Tanana who transported the injured man to the Public Health Service Hospital for treatment.

Hospital officials said they expected that McGuire would be able to leave the hospital today. It was not known if the two would continue their canoe trip.


July 3, 1945 — SEATTLE — Mrs. Florence Wallace of the Frederick and Nelson Store's mail department said today the concern's bakery department was building a cake for Mayor R. C. Pedersen of Ketchikan and described it as a "whopper."

The cake will be flown to the mayor on the initial flight of the Pan American Clipper service to Ketchikan Sunday.