Feb. 25, 2010 — JUNEAU — Lawmakers are weighing a huge expansion of construction work to improve the energy-efficiency of public buildings across the state.

The Legislature two years ago set aside an unprecedented $360 million for household-level energy efficiency projects.

A comparable figure could go toward contractors to cut energy consumption at public buildings — schools, state and city offices and other facilities — under a plan moving through Juneau.

The Alaska Housing Finance Corp. would ready the sale of $250 million in bonds, with the money going to establish an energy efficiency loan fund, under the plan. The fund would be available for long-term energy improvements, such as the installation of new boilers, or for quicker fixes, such as new lighting fixtures, at a range of public buildings. Gov. Sean Parnell’s mansion and the state’s downtown Fairbanks office building are already on the state’s hit list.



Feb. 25, 1995 — ANCHORAGE — The Alaska Supreme Court on Friday said the state Fish and Game commissioner lacks veto power over state boards.

The unanimous ruling stemmed from the contentious commercial red salmon fishery off False Pass in the Aleutian Islands.

Dispute centers on the number of chum salmon incidentally harvested during the summer fishery.

Northwest subsistence fishermen, who have watched local chum runs decline over the past decade, say they are losing fish to the commercial fleet’s incidental take.



Feb. 25, 1970 — ANCHORAGE — The National Bank of Alaska today reported record deposits, resources and higher net earnings for 1969, and said oil lease deposits from the state made much of the growth possible.

The Anchorage-based bank, which has 21 branches in the state, said net earnings of $1.6 million were up 16.2 per cent from 1968, total deposits of $160 million were up 20.5 per cent and total resources of $178 million were up 17.7 per cent.

Earnings for 1969 were equivalent to $3.21 a share, compared with $2.76 In 1968. An additional net Increase of 18 cents a share after taxes were realized from the sale of securities.

The bank said its loans as of Dec. 31 were at a record high of $77.96 million, an increase of $8.9 million during the year. Deposits rose $27.35 million.

State of Alaska time deposits accounted for $18.1 million of this growth, of which $15.3 million was in five-year time deposits and thus available for term loans,” the bank said.



Feb. 25, 1945 — The News-Miner did not print on this date. Here is an item from Feb. 24, 1945 — MANILA — Striking with quick precision from the sky, by land over water deep into enemy territory at dawn yesterday, American troops and Filipino guerrillas brought relief and freedom to 2,146 Allied and co-belligerent captives in the civilian interment camp at Los Banos, 30 miles south of Manila.

In writing the fourth heroic act in the drama of liberation in the Philippines, 1,500 men of the Eleventh Airborne Division and American Led Filipinos slew the Japanese camp guard to the last man and within a matter of hours carried to safety 1,589 Americans, 10 Norwegians, 16 Italians, one Frenchman and one Nicaraguan.