Dec. 17, 2009 — Environmentalist and conservatives have joined forces to help solve air pollution in Fairbanks.

Their report goes before the Fairbanks North Star Borough air pollution control commission today, and one of the recommendations calls on the government to improve access to wood cutting on public lands. The group also calls for the government to provide incentives to people to upgrade their wood stoves and to educate people on the merits of proper wood burning.

Similar recommendations and harsher ones, such  as temporary bans on wood burning, have gone before borough officials before. This is the first list of recommendations to come from a broad-base community coalition.



Dec. 17, 1994 — The News-Miner did not publish on this day. Here is an item from Dec. 16, 1994 — Jack Dewey and his wife Cindy have volunteered for Santa’s Clearing House for the last five years.

Dewey, who applies for one of the nearly 1,000 food boxes sent out each year, said volunteering is his way of paying for the food.

“I apply for the box each year so I might as well come down and work for it,” Dewey said. “Otherwise I’d just sit home and watch television.”

Dewey, 63, who is retired and on a fixed income, appreciates the food boxes and what they do for the families who received them.

“I came from Colorado and never saw anything like this down here, or anywhere I’ve been,” Cindy Dewey said. “We come very year; you get to do something to help people that’s fun.”



Dec. 17, 1969 — WASHINGTON — The Air Force today official closed Project Blue Book, the agency which for 21 years has been investigating unidentified flying objects.

Secretary of the Air Force Robert C. Seamans Jr. said continuation of the agency “cannot be justified either on the ground of national security or in the interest of science.”

Closing of the office was suggested earlier this year in a report prepared by the University of Colorado and later endorsed by the National Academy of Sciences. That report, which cost the Pentagon $539,000 and involved an 18-month study of flying saucer reports, concluded that little if anything had resulted from investigations of UFOs over the past two decades.

The Colorado report, compiled under the direction of Dr. Edward U. Condon, asserted there was no justification for further extensive study of UFO sightings in the hope of scientific knowledge would be advanced.



Dec. 17, 1944 — The News-Miner did not publish on this day. Here is an item from Dec. 16, 1944 — ATHENS, Greece — Fighting slackened today in Athens and the British reported to be continuing negotiations with Leftist Eam forces to solve the nation’s crisis.

British parachute troops have blocked the subway between the suburbs and Omonio Square by which Elas armed forces of the Leftist Eam had been infiltrating into the city at night.