Dec. 3, 2009 — It took a Fairbanks jury only two hours Wednesday to find a local man guilty of setting up a fake drug deal and robbing two men at gunpoint.

In two days of testimony, prosecutors showed that Justin Thomerson, 23, used a woman the cousins met at a downtown bar to bait them to Anderson Apartments last June where he and another man robbed them of $1,400.


Dec. 3, 1994 — WASHINGTON — The post office says it is issuing a stamp recalling the atomic bombing of Japan because it simply could not ignore such a major event in its World War II history series.

The stamp, showing a mushroom-shaped cloud rising after an atomic blast, will be included in a set of 10 stamps commemorating major events of 1945. Similar sets have been issued for the 50th anniversary of each war year.

But the atomic bomb stamp is drawing sharp criticism in Japan. Sunna Tsuboi, acting director of the 30,000-member Hiroshima Prefectural Confederation of A-bomb Survivors Organizations, termed it “outrageous.”


Dec. 3, 1969 — Probably the biggest haul of LSD ever made in the Fairbanks area is in police custody today. The LSD, in the form of pills, is estimated to be worth $30,000.

Since investigation into the case is still being intensely pursued, details of the seizure cannot be made public at this time, one police authority told the News-Miner.


Dec. 3, 1944 — ATHENS, Greece — A general strike today was ordered in Greece by Leftist Leader Elias Eam as a result of a violent Sunday clash between Leftists and police in which 21 were killed and 140 injured.

To strike has tied Athens in a tense grip.