Aug. 14, 2009 — A town hall meeting about the national health care plan proposals proved more like a rally for less government, greater personal responsibility and the need for real system changes, than the confrontational, sometimes hostile forums taking place in many cities around the nation.

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski found  a receptive audience to her position — the health care system is a mess and must be fixed, but the proposals now on the table will saddle Americans with tremendous debt for generations and could have unforeseen consequences that cripple small businesses and many individuals.

“People are frustrated. This is an issue that drives 17 percent of the nation’s economy. It affects every American regardless of race, gender, vocation,” Murkowski said.



Aug. 14, 1994 — COLDFOOT — Birch and willow trees, some 20 feet tall, grow through rotten floorboards of what in 1902 was the heart of Alaska’s northernmost gold rush.

Across the street from the truck stop that is modern Coldfoot lie buried remains of some 40 cabins, saloons, trading posts, brothels, the post office and a school house, established seemingly overnight in 1899. Tobacco tins and glass bottles crunch underfoot throughout the woods at this bend in the Middle Fork of the Koyukuk River.



Aug. 14, 1969 — NEW YORK — This Week magazine, which calls itself the country’s oldest nationally distributed Sunday newspaper supplement, may cease publication with its Nov. 2 issue due to falling circulation and advertising.

The management of the 34-year-old supplement recommended Wednesday in a letter to 42 distributing newspapers that the Nov. 2 issue be the last one.



Aug. 14, 1944 — SEATTLE — President Roosevelt returned to the States Saturday after a tour of the Pacific war zone and broadcast a speech at 5 o’clock in the afternoon from the deck of the cruiser on which he had made his trip as the vessel was moored in Bremerton Navy yard near Seattle.