April 8, 2011 — Congress has until midnight to come to a budget agreement. If there’s no agreement, the government will close.

What will a shutdown mean for Alaskans?

It means thousands of federal employees will not be allowed to go to work. The exceptions to the shutdown are essential employees, including those who monitor seismic and volcanic conditions, and law enforcement officers with the National Park Service and Fish and Wildlife Service. Employees whose jobs are funded by special revenues also will continue to work.

No one will be around for cabin rentals at national recreational sites or to grant some drilling permits. Denali National Park will close, as will the Murie Science and Learning Center and the Riley Creek Campground.



April 8, 1996 — Connie Logan has cast a pink spell at the Fairbanks Regency Hotel lounge.

Pink draperies sweep above mirrored walls, pink plastic flowers sway in a fish tank, pink cloth napkins crown pink place mats. And the center of this romantic interlude is Logan herself, who taps pink-polished nails at the Technics 2000 keyboard almost every lunch and dinner.

Even her tinkling ballroom music sounds, well, pink.



April 8, 1971 — ANCHORAGE — Criminals and crooks beware: the Alaska State Troopers have hooked into a national FBI computer that can produce information on wanted persons and stolen property before you can say “Kongiganak, Alaska.”

In ceremonies in Anchorage this month, the troopers became part of a nationwide network of law enforcement agencies with direct lines into the FBI National Crime Information Center in Washington, D.C.

Maj. Ed Dankworth, stale trooper commander for the Southcentral District, said the development is significant because it means Alaska will no longer be a “haven for criminals.” Alaska is the last state to join the system.



April 8, 1946 — The Internal Revenue office has announced that all tax returns filed between January 17 and 30 in the Fairbanks office were presumed lost on the shipwrecked Yukon and duplicate forms must be filled out at once. Notification of the loss reached Deputy Collector Peter Gatz from Tacoma headquarters.

Statements to be refiled include social security, withholding taxes, federal unemployment tax returns and miscellaneous tax returns such as retail excise tax, admission and cabaret taxes, transportation taxes and regular income tax returns.