Feb. 21,  2008 — Public school officials here removed 3,200 pounds of country fried beef patties from the school lunch menu this week after the largest beef recall in United States history.

In a Fairbanks North Star Borough District freezer sits about 80 cases of country fried beef patties made with the recalled meat, said Amy Rouse, director of nutrition services.

In all, 143 million pounds of beef was recalled nationwide, and much of the meat is believed to have already been eaten, including 90 cases of ground beef and 267 cases of meatballs that were fed to public-school pupils in Anchorage, according to Brent Rock, the school lunch director there.



Feb. 21, 1993 — In December the state took a giant step towards recognizing the profession of midwives by beginning its licensing of midwives.

A law passed by the Alaska Legislature in June mandates that midwives must be licensed by the state. The law also creates a licensing board which oversees the licensing, discipline and programming of midwives in Alaska.

Since December, the board has licensed nine midwives and is working on five more currently. The board has rejected two applications, according to the licensing examiner for the Board of Certified Direct-Entry Midwives.

To gain certification, midwives must have attended at least 60 births and passed a national examination. Most midwives go through an apprenticeship with a certified midwife lasting an average of two years.



Feb. 21, 1968 —  The Alaska native population would like to see the land freeze lifted. But before that is done, they expect a solution to their land claims problems, a native leader said here yesterday.

“We would like to see the land-freeze lifted,” (Richard) Frank said, “so that we can get rid of welfare — natives hate welfare,” he declared.

Also he said the natives would like to see the extinction of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

“We feel that we can govern ourselves,” he said. “We can sit down with state and federal officials and do our own deciding ...”



Feb. 21, 1943 — Additional subscriptions are announced by Mrs. Steve Boinich to the fund for Russian Relief. The money will be used to buy drugs for wounded Russian soldiers, and to purchase food and clothing for homeless Russian women and children.

All contributions will be sent to the Russian Relief at 11 East 30th Street, New York City.