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Three high school students who nearly drowned in an incident at the Patty Center Pool at the University of Alaska Fairbanks on Friday have all been released from the hospital, according to a Wednesday news release from the school district.

West Valley students were participating in a preseason football activity on UAF on Friday when three of them had to be taken to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital in an accident that is still under investigation. Two students were released over the weekend, while the third was released on Tuesday.

The incident occurred during what a school district spokeswoman previously described as a "team-building exercise" that was part of an optional preseason football activity.

The news release states the West Valley High School football will begin Thursday, as scheduled, with Norm Davis serving as acting head coach. Previously Roy Hessner was the West Valley High School football head coach.

The school's preseason football activities had been suspended immediately following the incident.

"We are grateful to the staff at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital. Risk management for the school district is performing an investigation and is in the process of scheduling participant interviews," the school district news release reads.