A 31-year-old Wasilla man has been charged with felony assault, driving under the influence and evidence tampering in connection with a September 2019 single-vehicle rollover on the Elliott Highway.

A 911 caller told Alaska State Troopers that she came upon a rolled-over Jeep and a woman lying face down in the middle of the roadway. The woman was bleeding and moaning in pain while a man, later identified as Steven Dene Weng, grabbed drug paraphernalia off the ground and threw it into the woods, according to a criminal complaint filed Friday in Fairbanks court.

Police responded to 6 mile Elliott Highway and found a silver Jeep “obliterated from rolling multiple times” and objects from the Jeep scattered on the road and in a ditch. Weng and the woman were treated by medics and taken to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital a short time later.

Trooper searched the area and found a “tooter” straw and a glass pipe, both of which tested positive for methamphetamine residue. Troopers also found a glass container full of marijuana and another pipe, according to the complaint.

Troopers spoke to Weng and the woman at the hospital. Weng had a bloody nose and a cut on his hand. He told troopers the woman was driving the Jeep, and it rolled after she swerved to avoid a moose. The woman was ejected from the Jeep while it was rolling, according to Weng.

The woman’s face was covered in blood, her eyes were barely open and her leg appeared to be in a temporary cast. She told troopers she wasn’t driving the Jeep when it rolled, but was unable to say more due to her medical condition.

When told that the woman denied driving, Weng slouched over, nodded his head up and down and began to cry, according to the complaint. A warrant was obtained and four vials of Weng’s blood were taken for drug testing.

Weng told troopers he was battling meth addiction and had last used the drug the morning before the accident, according to the complaint.

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