UAF Parking Enforcement

Parking meters line the spaces in the Eielson South parking lot on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus Friday afternoon, February 6, 2015. UAF Community Service Officers have taken on the full responsibility of parking enforcement as a cost-cutting measure, replacing Parking Services personnel as of last July. Previously, CSOs were only responsible for enforcing parking after 6 p.m.

The University of Alaska Fairbanks Office of Sustainability, student government and Bursar’s Office have teamed up to fight student hunger and give campus drivers a break. 

For the month of November, anyone with a current parking fee on campus can donate nonperishable food to have a parking ticket reduced to a warning.

Here are the guidelines: 

• Five food items will cover a $25 citation.

• Seven items will cover a $35 citation.

• Fifteen items will cover a $65 citation.

“That covers the regular range of parking tickets,” said Christi Kemper, sustainability coordinator with the UAF Office of Sustainability.

The office recently took over operations of the Wood Center Food Pantry, a program that helps battle student hunger on campus by providing food boxes to students in need.

The parking fee donation system is set to benefit the Food Pantry as well as the Fairbanks Community Food Bank and Bread Line Inc.

The University of Alaska Anchorage is running a similar program in which individuals can donate peanut butter and jelly to relieve the cost of parking fines. Kemper noted this is not the first year UAF has run a program of this nature.

The program will only apply to five parking citations per individual and does not cover $125 and $250 parking citations. Nor does it apply to vehicles that have been booted or towed or to citations older than 60 days. 

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