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A 37-year-old North Pole man has been charged with felony assault after he allegedly pointed a gun at a teenage boy driving an ATV.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Fairbanks court earlier this week, Alaska State Troopers responded to Ravenbell Street in North Pole after a man reported several ATVs were speeding and tearing up the road. While troopers were en route, the man called back and said his brother, Benjamin Brown, had been dragged 500 to 600 feet by an ATV and that they had detained the 15-year-old driver.

Troopers arrived and found Brown and his brother standing near an ATV and a dirt bike. Brown said he and his brother were taking pictures of the road when an ATV came speeding around the corner. Brown said he jumped in front of the ATV and the driver tried to "push him over."

Brown said he grabbed the back rack of the ATV and the driver dragged him down the road and almost ran him over. Benjamin admitted he pulled a gun on the driver, forced him to stop, took his keys and made him lie down on the ground until troopers arrived.

Troopers found a .45-caliber Springfield XD pistol in Brown's back pocket, according to the complaint.

The teenage ATV driver told troopers he was driving about 20 mph when Brown jumped in front of him and ended up on the back of the ATV. The boy said Brown held onto the back rack, yelled at him to stop and pointed a gun at his head. The boy said he stopped and complied with Brown's order to lie on the ground with his arms spread because he thought Brown was going to shoot him.

The driver of the dirt bike told troopers he came around the corner and saw the boy on the ground and Brown holding a gun. He said Brown's brother was walking toward the boy with a baseball bat.

Troopers found marks on the road consistent with Brown being dragged about 500 feet.

A trail camera captured footage of the incident, according to the complaint.

Brown is charged with third-degree assault.

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