Alaska State Troopers diapers

Alaska State Troopers have arranged to deliver free diapers to rural communities. From left to right, Capt. Ron Wall, Recruit Kasper, Trooper Iverson and Trooper Kimura. 

Not every Alaska State Trooper commander can claim an entire detachment that is on diaper duty, but Capt. Ron Wall is happy to be the first.

Wall is the leader of D detachment in Interior Alaska. On Friday, troopers delivered free diapers to families in Central and in Kaltag. It’s the perfect community project, just before he retires.

“I’m not gonna lie to you,” Wall said. “I didn’t see this one coming. It was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.”

Wall just stumbled upon it. He discovered that people in rural Alaska need diapers and he got a line on a distributor, who brokered a deal with a diaper manufacturer. The next thing he knew, he had 19,000 diapers — 13 pallets worth of assorted sizes, all donated by Happy Little Camper Baby. That is enough diapers for those in need in Interior Alaska, western Alaska, southeast Alaska and even some villages on the North Slope.

“The plan is to support our rural communities with diapers,” Wall said. “We will ensure that some go to our Food Banks, Women’s Shelter, WIC, etc. I want to ensure that our troopers are serving the people who need the diaper assistance most in our local areas and this is an excellent way to do it.”

Logistics are still being worked out. The plan currently is that the diapers will arrive in hub communities and then radiate out to smaller villages via a partnership between the troopers and local village health aides and other organizations.

“What better thing to put in the hands of rural law enforcement than the basic needs of our constituents,” Wall said.

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