Testimony began Tuesday in the trial of a Fairbanks man accused of sexually abusing two teenage girls several years ago.

Mark King allegedly had sex with one of the girls when she was 13 years old and also had sexual contact with one of her friends. The abuse happened sometime between February 2015 and June 2016, according to online court records.

Both girls told investigators that the abuse started after King gave them alcohol while playing games such as Monopoly or truth or dare.

Prosecutor Risa Leonard introduced into evidence lingerie and an adult toy that the younger victim said King gave her. During her testimony Tuesday afternoon, the girl’s mother said she had purchased some matched undergarment sets for her daughter during a trip they took to California but did not give her the other items. 

“No, in my opinion, as a mom, that would be inappropriate for a 13-year-old,” she said.

The girl’s mother testified that her daughter’s behavior changed suddenly in fall 2016.

“She just kind of did a 180 from the kid that I used to know. She was very sociable, very outgoing, very transparent, and all of a sudden it was the complete reverse,” the girl’s mother said. “She was very reclusive, she wouldn’t talk about anything.” 

The girl told her mother about the alleged abuse in December 2016, and they reported it to Alaska State Troopers the next day. Troopers obtained a Glass warrant and recorded two phone conversations between the girl and King. Her mother testified that she listened in on the conversation and was surprised at King’s demeanor.

“He was very repetitive with her and kept saying she needed to think about the consequences and what would happen if she continued with her allegation. That’s what really struck me,” the mother said.

Defense Attorney Gary Stapp suggested there might have been a reason that King was focused on what the consequences would be.

“If you tell a small lie, maybe the consequences aren’t that big. A big one, the consequences can be big, can’t they?” Stapp said.

The girl’s mother roundly rejected Stapp’s statement. 

“I don’t believe she’s lying, Mr. Stapp. I really don’t,” she said.

The second victim in the case testified after opening arguments Tuesday morning. She avoided looking at King and became angry when Stapp questioned her recollection of events. 

“Would anybody want to be up here testifying in front of him? No,” the girl said. 

The trial will resume this morning and testimony is expected to be finished this afternoon.

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