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Then: The original caption from Saturday, May 27, 1967 reads:

"A-67 SCENES: Parade begins." (News-Miner Staff Photo)

The centennial parade took place on May 26, 1967. The parade formed at the Alaska Railroad Station and went down Cushman and Airport Road.

Alaska was purchased from Russia on March 30, 1867. To celebrate the state's 100th anniversary Fairbanks held a 127-day party beginning on May 28, 1967 called Alaska 67, or A-67. A 45-acre piece of land was used to build the A-67 exposition site, Alaskaland, which is now called Pioneer Park.

Now: A car drives from Illinois Street to Barnette Street at the intersection with North Cushman Street on Sunday, November 9, 2014. ERIN CORNELIUSSEN/NEWS-MINER