Rabinowitz Courthouse

The Rabinowitz Courthouse in Fairbanks, Alaska, in May 2011.

A Fairbanks jury heard opening arguments and testimony Tuesday in the trial of a 34-year-old North Pole man accused of sexually assaulting his teenage babysitter while his wife and children slept.

Con Compton is charged with first-degree sexual assault, three counts of second-degree sexual assault, second-degree sexual abuse of a minor and three counts of fourth-degree sexual abuse of a minor. 

According to courtroom testimony and a criminal complaint filed in the case, Compton met the girl online and communicated with her frequently through a social media dating app. The girl testified Tuesday and read several messages between her and Compton in which he chatted with her about school, family and other issues. Compton told the girl that he and his wife wanted her to babysit their children and made several attempts to get her to come to his house to meet them. 

On the night of Dec. 30, 2018, the girl agreed to go to Compton’s to watch the younger children while he and his wife worked on remodeling their trailer. She later told Alaska State Trooper investigators that Compton made her touch him sexually, groped her genitals and showed her sexually explicit photos and videos of him and his wife early the next morning while everyone was asleep.

Compton initially denied having any sexual contact with the girl but later said it happened because the girl was “coming on to him,” according to the complaint. Compton told investigators he showed her the sexually explicit images by accident.

The girl’s grandmother, who the girl was living with at the time of the incident, testified that she took her to Compton’s house, met his wife and kids and left her there to babysit because everything seemed normal.

The grandmother said the girl seemed standoffish and upset when the Comptons brought her home late the next afternoon. The Comptons hadn’t paid her, so her grandmother took her out to their home later that week to collect the money. The girl was acting “very, very weird’” on the way there, the grandmother testified.

“She was very uncomfortable. She did not want to get out of the car, she did not want to go inside.”

The Comptons asked the girl to babysit again, and she refused. Compton later called and asked if the girl’s younger sister could babysit. The girl was adamant that her sister not babysit for the Comptons, according to the grandmother.

The younger sister testified Tuesday afternoon and said that her sister told her Compton was “really strange” and had “touched her and violated her.”  

The trial is expected to wrap up by the end of the week.  

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