Severe thunderstorms

An image captured from Sunday's radar shows a line of severe thunderstorms moving toward the Fairbanks and North Pole areas. 

Sunday night's rainfall from a line of thunderstorms was one for the record books. 

According to Rick Thoman, a Fairbanks-based climatologist at the Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy, 0.65 inches of rain fell in 21 minutes at Fairbanks International Airport. That's unusually heavy for a storm this early in the season, Thoman tweeted. 

Climatologist Brian Brettschneider notes that rate of rainfall is equivalent to 1.86 inches per hour, "a highly anomalous rainfall rate anywhere in Alaska," he tweeted. About 7% of Fairbanks' annual rainfall fell in that 21-minute span.

The storm also dropped pea to nickel-sized hail over the region. 

Other notable downpours recorded at the airport include 1.03 inches in 32 minutes on July 21, 2010 and 0.42 inches in 15 minutes on July 14, 2016.