The south edge of the rock slide is shown. It is blocking the trail between O'Brien and Haley creeks in the Chitina area. Photo courtesy of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game

With the personal dip-net fishery at Chitina opening this week, the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Utilities is urging the public to stay off a rockslide that crosses the trail between O'Brien Creek and Haley Creek. 

The rockslide, about three miles past the bridge at the start of the trail, is "significant and unstable," according to a DOT news release. It is composed mainly of slate and is unsafe to cross on four-wheeler or on foot. The agency warns that individuals are at risk of being injured during the crossing or being trapped on the far side. 

The trail is frequently used by dip-netters. The Chitina personal use dip-net salmon fishery is open periodically between June 7 (Friday) and Sept. 30. The schedule can be found on the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website. The schedule changes weekly by emergency order based on fish numbers.

DOT worked with the Chitina Dipnetters Association and the Alaska Fish and Game Department in 2018 to improve and maintain the O'Brien Creek to Haley Creek Trail. DOT will not be able clear the slide during the 2019 fishing season, but plan to add it to their work list for trail improvements in fall 2019.