FAIRBANKS — A Fairbanks man accused of mugging four pedestrians at gunpoint in February 2012 pleaded guilty to a single count of armed robbery Thursday afternoon.

As part of a plea agreement, Carmine Robinson, 20, was sentenced to serve a seven-year jail term, the mandatory minimum for armed robbery under state law. Prosecutors dismissed three other robbery charges and a previous weapons charge of allegedly filing a serial number off a gun.

At a plea hearing Thursday afternoon, Robinson’s court-appointed attorney, Jason Gazewood, presented the factual basis for the plea, a narrative usually presented by the district attorney. Of the four robberies Robinson originally was accused of committing, Gazewood said, the robbery he pleaded guilty to occurred on Haines Avenue in the Hamilton Acres neighborhood.

In his narrative, Gazewood said there were several weaknesses in the state’s case. The victim was not able to identify Robinson as the suspect except vaguely as “a black individual,” and he had a vague description of a shotgun he said his assailant carried. Fairbanks police said Robinson had a .22-caliber rifle and two Airsoft pistols, which shoot plastic pellets.

Robinson has been in custody since March 2012. He appeared at the hearing in-custody wearing a yellow jumpsuit from Fairbanks Correctional Center. Robinson didn’t make any comments before he was sentenced.

Gazewood said Robinson was a former West Valley High School student and has gotten his GED certificate while in jail, Gazewood said.

“He was just with a group of kids that made some horrible decision and wasn’t necessarily the leader but the one who jumped out and did the dumbest thing he could,” Gazewood said.

Prosecutors have dismissed their case against 16-year-old Vincent Armstrong, who had been accused of driving a vehicle Robinson was in on the night of the muggings and driving away after hitting a vehicle in the Walmart parking lot that night.

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