Rainfall over the past week has subdued the Oregon Lakes Fire.

The fire, which began in late April, has burned across 34,499 acres, according to the Alaska Fire Service. The fire was placed into monitor status June 10 after a heavy rain.

In a flight over the area during Tuesday last week, fire service personnel reporter minimal activity. Firefighters have been working in the area creating fuelbreaks to help stop the spread of the fire.

It is still early in the fire season, the fire service cautions, and the Oregon Lakes Fire could become more active.

North Pole

Firefighters responded to a small wildfire that broke out Thursday in North Pole.

The Green Fire covered about 1 acre when it was reported in the vicinity of Lakloey Drive and Bradway Road, according to the Alaska Division of Forestry.

In a little over an hour, Helitack firefighters were able to contain the fire, which had grown to 3.5 acres.


Lightning struck the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge on June 5, resulting in the Swan Lake Fire, which has spread to 12,500 acres due to wind and warm weather, according to the fire service.

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