Frank Turney

1. What do you believe is the biggest issue facing the city? What will you do about it?

“Lack of public revenue,” the lack of our 90%-10%. (see City’s Public Resolution No. 3701. It’s a resolute jurisdictional claim of interest. It was introduced by Mr. Cleworth and passed on April 21, 1997, and reaffirmed in Resolution 4852 recently on Oct. 22, 2018.) Another option is Golden Heart Riverboat Gambling. We could bring more revenues than cannabis and retail. Gamblers wouldn’t have to go to Dawson City or Reno, Nevada.

2. How do you intend to address the city’s revenue shortfall? What options are you willing to explore to raise revenues?

I want to explore a government employment tax.

3. Chief of Staff Mike Meeks has said that the city can no longer “salami slice” in regards to the budget - whole departments would need to be cut entirely to stay solvent. If revenues do not rise, which departments would you consider eliminating first? Which would you not ever cut?

If the city can’t get their act together, it’s time to consolidate. Do away with city government.

4. If the business community does not contribute enough funding to maintain the current levels of the Emergency Service Patrol, how should the city respond?

Shut down all the free giveaways of public monies to the downtown community association. They’ve been given enough. It’s about time for the liquor stores to pay for downtown’s ongoing drunk problem. Another option is for the Mental Health Trust to fund the Emergency Service Patrol.

5. What are your views on the legal marijuana industry?

Perhaps Fairbanks should invest in cannabis and industrial hemp. The Interior subarctic region has potential for agricultural business. Let’s concentrate our attentions. There is a profitable market and revenue potential. But current growers of cannabis would have to agree.

6. How will you, if you are elected, support vulnerable residents? Who do you consider a vulnerable resident?

We are all vulnerable residents. We need more public restrooms.

7. What should the city do to support existing businesses and attract new business to Fairbanks? How would you, as mayor, accommodate this?

Expand the permanent fund’s investments, expand the city limits south to the Tanana, north and encompass UAF, west to encompass the airport, east to include Fort Wainwright. Just an option.

8. How should the city approach LGBTQ rights? How will you?

Through the Alaska Constitution and U.S. Constitution. I support religious liberties and the right to say ‘No,’ such as when the baker refused to bake a cake when two men wanted to get married.

9. Consolidation of the city of Fairbanks and the Fairbanks North Star Borough governments was discussed in the 1990s. Do you favor consolidation? Why or why not?

Maybe it’s time for another vote on consolidation. Do away with the city government, turn it into a service area. Leave the fire and police. Leave North Pole alone. Let the voters of Fairbanks decide on the city’s permanent fund.