William Pawlirzyn

William Pawlirzyn  

1. Is the transfer site monitoring program working? Explain.

Sadly, yes. It is frustrating that we need to have the program in place. There will always be bad actors, in all facets of life. And this is no exception. Hopefully, this type of program won't be needed in the near future.

2. Do you agree with the state’s approach of cutting portions of its budget by passing off expenses to local taxpayers? Why or why not?

The way in which the state is going about it is not ideal. We must acknowledge the state’s budget is an issue unto itself. Likewise, we must figure out a way to either manage our priorities in order to properly fund them or consider cancelling programs altogether.

3. The school board has been spending out of its reserves to balance its budget. If the school district’s funding request falls short of available revenues next year, is it time for the assembly to boost financial support for public education? Why or why not?

If something is failing, throwing money at it isn't going to fix it. Get to the root cause, solve the underlying problem, or be doomed to repeat the process again in the future. If the school board is unable to balance a budget, this issue will never go away.

4. Which borough services would you cut if cuts become necessary? Be specific.

Any program that can be considered "elective" to an individual. People should not be forced to fund programs that are counter to their own beliefs and values.

5. What do you think is the most pressing issue facing residents of the Fairbanks North Star Borough? How would you manage the issue?

The most pressing issue in the borough is a balanced budget. Property owners are struggling to keep up with the cost of living in this community. Increasing taxes to balance a budget is the opposite of what should be taking place. Just like in your home, if you have too much month at the end of the money, cuts need to happen.

6. The borough has fallen behind with respect to building maintenance. Voters last year rejected a municipal bond package for building replacement and maintenance. What should be done?

Any borough asset not deemed essential should immediately be sold off. Not only will this reduce the cost of upkeep/maintenance, but it can even be (albeit minor) a source of revenue.

7. Taxpayers fund the recycling program with $700,000 a year even after offsets from tipping fees, according to Mayor Bryce Ward. Less than 1% of waste is diverted from the landfill. Is recycling worth it? Explain.

At the cost of $700,000 a year, no. The cost is too high for the levels of recycling being accomplished. If costs do not come more appropriate, this is a perfect example of wasting taxpayer money. Your money.

8. Do you support proposed new state regulations aimed at curbing smoke pollution on cold winter days when the air is stagnant? Explain.

Government does a good job of “One size fits none.” No, burdensome regulations passed down from the state will not reflect what is appropriate for those who actually live in this community.