FAIRBANKS — Alaskans pledged record donations from their permanent fund dividends once again this year, according to an announcement from the PFD fundraising campaign, Pick.Click.Give. 

The campaign released the pledge results from the PFD filing period between Jan. 1 and March 31 on Tuesday, noting more than $2.7 million in donations from 26,773 Alaskans.

Pick.Click.Give is a statewide campaign that aims to make it easier for Alaska residents to donate to their favorite Alaska nonprofit organizations by giving the money directly from their PFD. Though the filing period has ended, people can still return to their applications online and add a donation through Pick.Click.Give. through Aug. 31.

The $2.7 million in donations this year is an increase of $325,950 from 2013. The increase was not unique to this year. Donations through Pick.Click.Give. have increased every year since the program was created in 2009. In its first six years, Pick.Click.Give. has facilitated nearly $10.5 million in donations to hundreds of Alaska nonprofits.

The average amount donated this year increased by 11 percent, from $94 per person in 2013 to $104 per person in 2014.

The number of Alaskans participating in Pick.Click.Give. also increased this year, though this year’s increase was the smallest to date. About 600 more Alaskans donated through the program this year over last year. The program reported that 4.8 percent of Alaskans who filed for a PFD this year donated in some way through Pick.Click.Give.

Program manager Heather Beaty said she is hopeful that the program will continue its uninterrupted growth as time goes on. 

“We think there’s a lot more room for growth,” Beaty said. As for the

95.2 percent of Alaskans who did not donate

through the program, Beaty said the program is trying to get their attention as well. “We’re working on ways to get them to


Pick.Click.Give attributes some of the success of this year’s campaign to three things: the prediction by experts that the upcoming dividend will be larger, the introduction of new and more marketing for the fundraising campaign and a sweepstakes operated by Rasmuson Foundation and ExxonMobil to double the dividend of 10 Alaskans who donate through Pick.Click.Give.

“We’re always looking for new ways to encourage people,” Beaty said. “Hopefully, next year will be even better for Alaska’s nonprofits as people choose to donate through the program.”

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• Fairbanks Animal Shelter Fund

504 donations, $27,025

• Fairbanks Community Food Bank Service Inc.

439 donations, $26,600

• University of Alaska Fairbanks

112 donations, $22,050

• Fairbanks Rescue Mission

271 donations, $15,525

• Loving Companions Animal Rescue Inc.

150 donations, $10,550

• Stone Soup Fairbanks

179 donations, $10,150