North Pole Truck Routes

New truck routes have been designated on the City of North Pole roadways as a new sign distinguishes the end of a truck route along Finell Drive Tuesday afternoon, June 11, 2019.

The city of North Pole has begun posting signs on roads that designate new routes for larger commercial truck traffic.

There has been concern for the safety of pedestrians as well as heavy weight loads being transported across city roads, according to Bill Butler, director of city services so the city wanted to provide alternative routes for businesses that operate in the area.

“We didn’t in essence strand any businesses in the city that do have large commercial trucks,” Butler said, “so we did provide access for those trucks that were on city roads.”

Ordinance 19-03, adopted by North Pole City Council in March, amended the section of North Pole Municipal Code that covers vehicles and traffic by adding some restrictions. United Parcel Service, fuel delivery and construction vehicles working within the city are among some exceptions for routine commercial traffic.

“The Mayor or the Mayor’s designee is authorized to determine and designate those streets or highways upon which vehicles of a gross weight permitted by State law would create a hazard or cause undue damage to the roadway and shall erect appropriate signs stating the reduced gross weight permitted on such designated streets. When signs are so erected giving notice, no person shall disobey the restrictions stated in such signs,” the section of code now reads.

The newly created routes go along H&H Lane, Finell Drive, Park Way, Peridot Street, West First Avenue and West Third Avenue.

Butler said signs were ordered back when the ordinance initially passed but that the city was waiting for the remaining frost to melt before installation. Signs have already been posted designating the routes along Finell Drive and First Avenue, according to Public Works Supervisor Cody Lougee.

There are also a number of state routes that run through North Pole that provide access to large commercial vehicles, according to Butler.

“For example, the Old Richardson Highway goes through the city. The state controls that, large trucks can go on that,” he added.

Hurst Road and Santa Claus Lane, similar to the Old Richardson Highway, are state roads on which larger commercial trucks can still travel.

Businesses that operate with large trucks in the area were sent notices regarding the new routes, according to Butler.

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