FAIRBANKS — A 26-year-old North Pole man charged in multiple state theft, burglary and fraud cases was sentenced Thursday in Fairbanks Superior Court to six years and seven months in prison after taking a plea deal with the state.

Shanon Alan Clifford Stowell must also pay a total of $97,313 restitution to his victims and serve 11 years of probation.

Stowell is already serving a 10 year federal prison term for stealing 50 guns and gun parts from a Fairbanks storage space in 2015. Stowell was sentenced in federal court June 29 and ordered to pay more than $70,000 in restitution to his victim in that crime.

One of Stowell’s state cases resolved Thursday involved the theft of more than $100,000 in guns, coins and jewelry from a North Pole home in 2017. Stowell’s girlfriend, Kayla Ann Forsland, his father, Frederick, and friend Johnie Bryant Flecher were charged as accomplices in that case. Flecher took a plea deal and is serving four years in prison. Frederick Stowell’s charges were dismissed. Forsland was sentenced in March to one year and five days in prison.

Stowell’s attorney, Natasha Norris, participated in Thursday’s hearing via telephone from Anchorage. Norris said her client was “taking this pretty seriously.”

“He’s done a lot of work while in custody to finish classes and continue to take classes, to take treatment seriously, and move on once he’s done serving the time imposed,” Norris said.

Stowell, a baby-faced man with a flat stare, has often been disruptive and argumentative at his court hearings. When given a chance to address the court Thursday, Stowell said he’d like to apologize to his family. One of his victims, who was sitting directly behind Stowell, commented that he should apologize to “everybody you robbed.”

Stowell turned to the man and called him a derogatory name while making a rude hand gesture at him.

Another victim seated nearby objected to Stowell’s behavior.

“Excuse me, Your Honor, I just want the record to show that, as Ms. Norris is saying how changed he is, he’s turning around and flipping off and cussing off one of the victims. I don’t see any change,” the woman said.

During the hearing, Stowell’s father, Frederick, stood and told Superior Court Judge Michael MacDonald that he planned to sue the state because he hadn’t received items seized from his home during the burglary and theft investigations.

“They dropped all my charges, and you not only court ordered once, but twice, to release my stuff from the state troopers, and I still ain’t got none of my stuff yet,” Frederick Stowell said.

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