FAIRBANKS — An early-morning fire at the Fairbanks North Star Borough landfill damaged several pieces of heavy equipment and a steel building on Sunday.

The fire triggered an alarm at about 3 a.m. at the landfill maintenance building, where two front-end loaders, a bulldozer and a compactor were parked. The blaze spread to the roof before it could be extinguished by the Fairbanks Fire Department, and was hot enough to melt the roofs of the equipment parked inside.

No one was injured in the blaze. Borough spokeswoman Sallie Stuvek said the vehicles and building will be fully evaluated today to assess the scope of the fire.

“They all have damage, but we’re not sure the extent of it,” Stuvek said.

Stuvek said it’s believed that the fire originated with the compactor, which is used to roll over and flatten garbage. The equipment wasn’t in use at the time, however, and no one was working at the scene when the fire started.

Stuvek said borough officials don’t expect that landfill operations will be affected, although more will be known this week. She said the fire could put a crimp in maintenance work at the site, since it occurred at the only building where equipment can be worked on.

Because of that, repairing the building will be a priority in the weeks ahead.

“We don’t have much time to work on this before it gets cold,” Stuvek said.

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