The university welcomed a new batch of students Wednesday, with volunteers coming from across campus for “Rev It Up.”

Brittany Van Eck, acting associate director of Residence Life, said “Rev It Up” is part of new student orientation and a partnership with Residence Life at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Students were able to move into their dorms while meeting different campus departments on Wednesday.

“So Moore (Hall) has about 200 people in it, and it looks like it can hold about 300,” Van Eck said, adding that Skarland Hall has 129 people and can hold 137. Moore Hall and Skarland Hall are generally reserved for first-time students.

Van Eck added that some students showed up to orientation without an assigned dormitory, so 10-15 more people were assigned rooms in the freshman halls Wednesday.

Three dorms are closed this semester: Lathrop Hall and Nerland Hall were announced earlier this summer, and Stevens Hall has been closed since last year.

The “living and learning communities” also launched this year and several are filled, Van Eck said. The communities, which are aimed at helping students make connections in their areas of interest, comprise honors, gender diversity and engineering.

This year also marks the beginning of a new UAF policy requiring freshman students to live on campus. Van Eck said she didn’t get any questions about the policy at orientation.

“People were so happy to be here. They were just excited to be at UAF and the spirits were high,” she said.

A number of offices were available to help students get adjusted to campus life as they moved into their dorms. The Athletics Department helped move students’ belongings into new dorms, while the students were able to get their Polar Express cards and immunizations, and talk with Parking Services, Admissions and the book store, as well as financial aid, rural student services and dining out of the MBS Complex on campus.

Van Eck said everyone who volunteered was “so helpful and all on board to welcome our first year students.”

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