FAIRBANKS, ALASKA — A marijuana delivery company based out of Anchorage began operating in Fairbanks in late January, despite the owner being charged in Anchorage Superior Court with five felonies for delivery of a controlled substance in quantities greater than one ounce.

On its website, Absolutely Chronic Delivery Company advertises cannabis deliveries in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Eagle River, Palmer and Wasilla. 

The website states all funds received are donations, and products are gifted for free in return for each donation and a delivery fee. 

Michael Crites owns Absolutely Chronic Delivery Company — or ACDC as they abbreviate. He acknowledged his company has been delivering marijuana in Fairbanks since Jan. 25, 2016.

Crites said gifts of cannabis are exchanged for gifts of cash that usually ranging between $40 and $50, plus a $10 delivery fee. 

“You can give me a gift, and I can give you a gift ... we are able to take gifts back and forth of those fashion,” Crites said, denying such an exchange is simply a retail transaction. 

When asked to explain the legality of his business when Alaska has yet to issue any business licenses, Crites said repeatedly that ACDC is strictly a delivery company, and anything exchanged is just a gift. 

“We have every legal leg to stand on,” he said. 

Crites’ public defender, Brittany Goodnight, could not be reached for comment.

In regards to marijuana delivery, city of Fairbanks Attorney Paul Ewers cited multiple factors when he said he’s “99 percent sure that is an illegal activity.”

Ewers first referenced the lack of any licenses or permits being issued by the state or city, saying the exceptions under Proposition 2 — the ballot measure that approved recreational use and sale of marijuana — are for licensed facilities.

Ewers also said the actual cannabis being distributed isn’t licensed and he questioned the “donate and distribute” business model.

“Alaska hasn’t authorized any licenses,” Ewers said.

ACDC and its business model is not alone in its legal troubles.

Wasilla-based Discreet Deliveries owner Rocky Burns and Anchorage-

based Alaska Cannabis Club owner Charlo Green, real name Charlene Egbe, have each been charged with five felonies for delivery of a controlled substance in quantities greater than one ounce.

All three delivery businesses — including Discreet Deliveries’ Fairbanks office — have been raided by the Anchorage Police Department.

An email circulated in late January, a copy of which was forwarded to the News-Miner, stated Burns’ Discreet Deliveries would resume operations in Fairbanks, but only if members “keep our congregation’s confidence and not spread the word.”

In the email, Burns refers to Discreet Deliveries as a “church” and the people who order marijuana as a “congregation.”

When contacted about the email, Burns said he did have plans to restart deliveries, but decided to wait until his court case is resolved. 

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