After a close race, Jim Matherly will remain mayor of the City of Fairbanks. Election officials counted the last of the absentee, early and questioned ballots Tuesday afternoon, leaving only one more step until election season is over and official. The over 2,000 ballots have been counted and the results of the Oct. 1 election have not changed.

Election results will not be official until they are certified by the City Council on Oct. 14 and by the Borough Assembly on Oct. 24, respectively. In the meantime, the unofficial results are below.

Fairbanks mayor

Mayor Jim Matherly will keep his seat. He had a 204-vote lead at the end of Election Night. After the remaining 838 ballots were counted, Matherly received 1948 votes, or 48.29% of the 4,022 votes cast for mayor. His closest opponent, Kathryn Dodge, received 1824 votes, or 45.22%.

Matherly gained an additional 228 votes, while Dodge gained an additional 308 votes in Tuesday’s count. While Dodge had more votes in the second count, the difference wasn’t enough to pull ahead of Matherly.

Dodge waited in the borough chambers during the count, with a group of friends and candidate for Fairbanks City Council Julie Smyth. When the count concluded, she gave a short statement to the Daily News-Miner. “My response is to thank the voters and thank my volunteers and supporters and to wish Mayor Matherly and his staff and the council success. Because their success is our success.”

Lakesha Jordan had a total of 166 votes between early, absentee, questioned and in-person votes. Candidate Frank Turney had a total of 84 votes. There were 12 write in votes for the office of mayor.

Borough Assembly

In four races for the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly, election night results held up.

Assemblyman Matt Cooper, an attorney, and Assemblywoman Mindy O’Neall, a union leader, will be sworn in on Oct. 24 along with businessman Frank Tomasjewski and contractor Jimi Cash.

The final count widened Cooper’s lead over challenger Zachary Floyd by 518 votes.

O’Neall’s lead over opponent Jeffrey Rentzel strengthened to 1,414 votes.

At the end of the final count, Tomaszewski led his three opponents by 8.46%, taking in a total of 6,253 votes and receiving 1,143 more votes than his closest opposition, Shaun Tacke. Cash, who was also in a four-way race, finished at 42.83% of the vote, receiving 461 more votes than his closest competitor, incumbent Geoffry Wildridge.

Fairbanks City Council

Valerie Therrien will keep Fairbanks City Council Seat C. She gained an additional 364 votes from absentee, early and questioned ballots. Therrien’s opponent, Charles Foster III, got 147 more votes, and had 33.33% of the total votes for the seat. There were 113 write-in votes for Seat C.

Aaron Gibson has been elected to Fairbanks City Council Seat D, replacing Kathryn Ottersten. Gibson’s opponent, Julie Smyth, gained 284 votes in Tuesday’s count, and had 45.34% of the total votes for the seat.

There were 35 write-in votes for Seat D.

North Pole City Council

Thomas McGhee and Santa Claus retained their lead in the race for North Pole City Council. Claus received 113 votes or 41.54% of the vote, McGhee received 95 votes, at 34.93% and Carly Nelson received 61 votes, at 22.43%. There were 3 write-in votes.

School board

Matthew Sampson and Jennifer Luke both held onto their leads for school board seats C and D. Sampson gained an additional 672 votes in Tuesday’s count, leading his closest competitor, Brandon Boylan, by 615 votes. Luke led Mike Kenna by 1,667 votes.

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