A man has been charged with sexual assault for allegedly having sex during a party with two woman too drunk to give consent. 

Tony Takak, 24, was charged March 1 by Alaska State Troopers with sexual assault in the first degree and two counts of sexual assault in the second degree.

Investigators said that on the night of Jan. 31, Takak shared a Lyft with one of the victims and her boyfriend to a party in a hotel room in Fairbanks. The report states Takak had tried to have a sexual relationship with the woman in the past “but she denied his advances.” Takak rubbed the girl’s leg in a sexual manner on the way to the party and once at the party, the woman had too much to drink, according to the report.

The woman reported remembering fragments of the incident including having Takak’s face directly in front of hers and her boyfriend telling her she had sex with Takak. The woman stated it was not consensual and had a sexual assault exam conducted the next according to the compliant. The woman’s boyfriend reported seeing the incident while it was happening and then stopping it.

During the same night, the complaint alleges, Takak began plying another woman with alcohol. After one shot of vodka, she “blacked out.” Later she woke up and her sister was dressing her. She had with no memory of having intercourse, but was sore. 

Takak has been interviewed by police and provided a DNA sample. He remained in custody Monday in Fairbanks Correctional Center.

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