A 30-year-old Fairbanks man was arrested Saturday after he allegedly attacked a man with a hatchet at a transient camp.

Joshua Caleb Michael Frisby is charged with felony second-degree assault and violating conditions of release. 

Fairbanks police responded to the College Road Tesoro at 1:43 a.m. for a report of a nearby assault. The alleged victim was holding a rag to his head and had blood all over his face, head and arms, according to criminal complaint filed in Fairbanks court. 

The man told police he was staying at a transient camp across College Road and had just settled down to sleep when Frisby approached him with a hatchet in his hand. Frisby hit the man in the head multiple times with the hatchet without provocation. The man and his fiance left the camp after the attack and went to the Tesoro station to call police. 

The man said Frisby often plays with hatchets and hammers and starts fights with people for no apparent reason. He said it was “normal” for Frisby to beat him up but he hadn’t reported the prior assaults.

Police found a large amount of blood in one of the tents at the homeless camp and a blood trail leading to a bloody hatchet. Frisby told police he beat the man up because he’d threatened to pull a knife on him. A witnesses who arrived after the attack said Frisby mentioned the attack but did not mention a knife being involved. 

The man was taken to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital for treatment. He suffered three cuts to his face and head and required multiple stitches, according to the complaint. 

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