FAIRBANKS, ALASKA — A Fairbanks man who allegedly hit and choked his girlfriend on Sunday told Fairbanks police he did it to rid her of an alien, according to a criminal complaint.

Daniel Lee Oines, 57, initially told police he “struck” the woman, then said he didn’t.

“He clarified his statement by saying that he believed (her) body had been taken over or inhabited by an alien being, whom he referred to as ‘the Butcher,’ and was hitting the (woman’s) body to make the Butcher leave,” the complaint states.

Oines is charged with felony second-degree assault and misdemeanor interfering with a domestic violence report. 

The woman told police she, Oines and a male friend were watching TV in the living room when Oines began to scream at her and accuse her of being inhabited by a foreign entity. She said Oines punched her in the face three times, then forced her onto a love seat and pinned her down. She said Oines put his left forearm on her throat and used his other hand to squeeze her neck until she couldn’t breathe or cry out, according to the complaint.

Oines stopped the attack after their friend calmed him down by offering him a cigarette, according to the complaint.

The woman tried to call 911 but was unable to speak because she couldn’t catch her breath. Oines grabbed the cellphone but the woman was able to get it back and run to the bathroom. 

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