A new firing range and training facility for law enforcement in the Interior will be built near Fairbanks, and officials are preparing to request funding for the project and will share their progress with the community on Thursday.

Alaska Peace Officers Association is preparing to request more than $6 million from the Legislature to start construction, according to the update the city officials shared last week. They hope to receive the funding by this summer.

With the old range closed for more than a year, the new facility would serve local, state and federal law enforcement employees within Interior Alaska, including firefighters, rangers and local police officers.

The new facility will have classrooms, heated storage and multiple outdoor ranges to allow several agencies train simultaneously. It will also include a paved area for vehicle training.

This project will be developed in phases and start with acquiring the land. Initially, the officials were considering 10 sites around Fairbanks, but after holding community forums and conducting surveys, they narrowed the options down to two: one north of K&K Recycling on the Richardson Highway and another one on the Old Richardson Highway south of North Pole.

After finalizing the choice of the site, the officials will complete the design, and in spring 2023 they will move on constructing an outdoor range “that can be put to use as soon as possible,” according to the brochure.

Construction of the indoor training building, warm storage and driving course will happen after 2025. The budget for later construction stages is estimated at around $14 million.

To give updates on the project, Peace Officers will be hosting a virtual community meeting on March 4 from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

For instructions to join the meeting, go to https://www.dowl.com/outreach and select Alaska Peace Officers Association.

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