An unidentified man broke a window in the Noel Wien Library's front door to gain access after hours Thursday night. 

FAIRBANKS — An intoxicated book lover broke the glass in one of the Noel Wien Library’s front doors to gain access after hours Tuesday night.

According to library director Melissa Harter, the man “really wanted to read” and didn’t realize the library was closed.

“He wasn’t here very long. He walked in, the cleaning crew said ‘I’m sorry, we’re closed,’ and then he went out the other door,” Harter said. “He was inebriated and didn’t know what he was doing.”

The cleaning crew called Fairbanks police at 9:45 p.m. but the man was gone when they arrived. There are no suspects at this time. 

Harter said the window was replaced first thing Wednesday morning.

“The borough fix-it department is really good, and of course they sent someone out in the middle of the night to put the plywood on, so that was good too,” Harter said.

The man did not steal anything and the only damage was to the door, according to Harter.

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