Smoke from a wildfire burning in the Delta Junction area returned to Fairbanks this morning, turning the morning sky brown heading into the weekend.

Wind from the east drove the smoke westward from the Oregon Lakes Fire, which has grown to 29,296 acres, according to a Friday morning update from the Alaska Fire Service.

The human-caused fire started April 30. The Alaska Fire Service states that 124 personnel are assigned to the fire.

"While conditions are expected to bring temporary reprieve with cooler, wetter weather moving into the area, Thursday’s breezy warm temperatures resulted in fire growth primarily to the south and west," the Friday update reads.

"Fire crews have made significant progress in property protection fuel breaks near groups of cabins in the Richardson Clearwater and South Bank communities," the report continues. "Property fuel breaks and structure protection efforts at Whitestone were completed earlier this week. All sprinkler and hose installations in these areas have been completed."

The fire has primarily been burning in a military training range. Firefighting has been hampered by the presence of unexploded munitions.

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