Adam Wool in his office in Juneau

Adam Wool in his office in the capitol building in Juneau, Alaska

From music to physics and ice cream to politics, Adam Wool has dipped his toes in a little bit of it all.

Born and raised in Boston, Wool had a lively childhood with a house full of siblings and stepsiblings.

“I lived near a river in a small suburban neighborhood. We had a pond in our back yard so I began skating from an early age and played hockey my whole childhood,” Wool recalled. “I hung out with a group of neighborhood kids for most of my childhood and we’d get into trouble together and play street hockey and throw snowballs at cars, all that.”

Wool ended up in Alaska by way of a visit to spend time with his older brother, Jeff, in 1982.

“I was going to school in Boston and was just kind of half into it and I felt like I needed to mix it up,” Wool said.

The original plan was to work for a while before returning to Boston, the last of which never ended up happening. Wool enrolled at the University of Alaska Fairbanks as a pre-med student but eventually changed majors to physics, graduating in 1988.

Before graduating, Wool took a year off from school to return to Boston, where he learned how to make ice cream at one of the city’s classic ice cream shops called Steve’s. After returning to Fairbanks, Wool teamed up with his brother to open Fairbanks-famous ice cream shop Hot Licks, where he created one of the business’ unique flavors Malted Grape-Nut, an invention he still takes pride in to this day.

Even after graduating, Wool ended up staying in Fairbanks.

“Owning a business anchored me,” Wool said. “But that wasn’t all bad.”

Wool eventually sold his half of the business to his brother before moving on to other business ventures including opening The Marlin and eventually The Blue Loon.

“I was interested in bars and music because I played in bands a lot,” Wool said, recalling music classes taken during college and years of being in bands playing anything from punk rock to jazz.

Wool owned The Marlin for about four years before selling the business in 1999 to focus his efforts on The Blue Loon, originally called the Crazy Loon.

The Loon began as just the front half of what the building eventually was known to be.

“It was a little rough so I fixed it up, I put in carpet and balconies and eventually expanded the backroom,” Wool said. “Then I started doing outdoor shows and movies. I immersed myself into that for 21 years.”

One of Wool’s more notable moments as owner of the Blue Loon was hosting renowned rapper Snoop Dogg in 2010.

Wool and his wife Kate have been together for about 20 years and married for 17 of those.

“But I knew her for a few years before that. Her boyfriend at the time worked at Hot Licks and also at the Blue Loon, so I knew him for a while,” Wool said. “When I heard she was single I knew I was interested but I didn’t feel ready; I was still figuring out my life. A few years later the stars aligned.”

Wool and his wife have two daughters ages 9 and 13.

When he was younger, Wool noted he hadn’t considered parenthood.

“I mean, I liked kids, I enjoyed my nieces and nephews,” Wool recalled. “Even after Kate and I got married, we weren't like “let’s have kids right away” because we were having fun and enjoyed traveling and having the freedom to do that.”

Now with two daughters he adores, Wool says having kids was one of the greatest things he ever did.

“When they’re little it’s just so much fun and you think it can’t get any better and then they get older and it gets even better, I love it,” Wool said, grinning.

Wool had never considered running for office until he was approached by a community member who informed him that the District 5 House seat was coming open in 2015.

“I wasn’t too attached, I thought I’d run and if I win that’s great and if not I’ll have a campaign button for my scrapbook,” Wool said. “I had always been into politics and interested in what was going on.”

Wool said he isn’t sure if he will run again for office.

“It will be an interesting year coming up and we will just have to see how things go,” Wool said.

Having sold the Blue Loon this past summer, he’s excited to enjoy the freedom granted from not owning a business, whether that means traveling more or spending more time with his daughters. Hopefully both, he noted.

Fun facts you didn't know:

• Adam’s favorite color is blue.

• His favorite ice cream flavor is coffee.

• He enjoys working on old cars.

• In the Hot Licks’ cone man band logo, Adam is the drummer.

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