School Board meeting

More than 100 people gathered to testify against proposed cuts to music programs at Fairbanks North Star Borough School Board meeting Tuesday, May 10, 2017, at the school district's administrative centure downtown. On Tuesday, June 4, 2019, the Board of Education voted unanimously to ratify two union contracts within the FNSB school district.

After months of negotiations, the school district and local unions have agreed on contracts spanning the next three years.

The Board of Education voted unanimously to ratify two union contracts within the school district at the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District school board meeting on Tuesday evening.

The newly approved contracts, which will run for three school years from July 1 to June 30, 2022, include negotiated terms with the Fairbanks Education Association and the Education Support Staff Association. This year’s contracts will expire on June 30.

There was gratitude for the collaboration among all groups involved expressed by school board members and union representation alike.

“I think that this tentative agreement is a great example of the work that was done on both sides,” said Coby Haas with the Fairbanks Education Association.

Darrell Walker, of North Pole, also thanked the board as well as committee members, for their work on contracts during time to comment on the Education Support Staff Association negotiations.

“I wanted to thank the board, the district and their negotiation teams for a really outstanding contract, I feel, this year,” he said, adding that there was a lot of openness, listening and understanding involved in the process.

Board Member Allyson Lambert applauded the pace at which the district and the unions worked together.

“There’s a lot of districts in our state that are still in negotiations … so it is fantastic that our administration and three labor unions can come together in a very rapid, I would say, time frame,” Lambert said.

At the same meeting, the board voted unanimously to approve exempt employee step movement and a 1% increase in salary tables over the next three school years.

The union agreements and exempt salary schedules are available to view on the school board’s agenda, published on the school district website at

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