Officials are investigating the cause of two South Fairbanks fires that happened within an hour of each other late Thursday night.

According to a news release issued by the city, Fairbanks Fire crews responded to South Cushman Street and 22nd Avenue at 10:56 p.m after getting a report of a structure fire there. They found a small garage engulfed in flames and extinguished it with help from Fort Wainwright Fire Department and University Fire Department. An occupant of the structure said another person set it on fire and left.

Crews were still on scene at the fire when they got a report of another fire at 28th Avenue and Mercier Street just after midnight. Fairbanks Fire responded and found a tarp and tent structure burning in a wooded area. No people were present and law enforcement was notified, according to the release.

It it unclear if the two fires were related. Both incidents are being investigated with the help of the state fire marshal's office. Anyone with information about either fire is asked to call Deputy State Fire Marshal Kyle Carrington at 907-451-5200.

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