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A 39-year-old Fairbanks woman allegedly tried to run over her boyfriend, beat him until he lost consciousness, tried to stab him in a bathroom and threatened him with a loaded gun early Thursday morning.

Susan Maggie Martin is charged with three counts of felony third-degree assault and one count each of misdemeanor fourth-degree assault and criminal mischief.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Fairbanks court, Martin's boyfriend was on electronic monitoring and not allowed to be in contact with her or leave the motor home he lives in at a Chena Hot Springs Road property. He was making dinner in the motor home when Martin drove up in her Jeep and tried to talk to him. When he told her they weren't supposed to be in contact, Martin sped away in her Jeep, circled around and rammed the door of the motor home as the man was entering it. Martin backed up and rammed the door a second time and chased the man with the Jeep when he tried to run away.

The man ran back to the motor home and Martin followed him inside. Martin threw things at him, beat his back with his steel-toed boots, punched him multiple times in the face and began beating him with his boots again.

Martin grabbed a buck knife and chased the man to the bathroom. She stabbed the walls and door, ripped the door open, entered the bathroom and began stabbing at the man as he tried to protect himself with his arms. The man sustained superficial cuts to his arms and was briefly knocked unconscious at one point, according to complaint.

The man asked Martin to drop the knife and let him put his shoes on so he could leave. She dropped the knife and began throwing pots and pans at him. He left the motor home and looked inside through an open window. Martin opened a gun safe, took out a semi-automatic pistol, loaded the magazine and chambered a round as she walked toward the window. The man ran away from the motor home and contacted 911.

The man had abrasions on his back and neck, cuts an swelling on his forehead and a bloody lip. He told Alaska State Troopers he might have a concussion, and medics were called to evaluate his injuries.

Martin's Jeep sustained significant front-end damage. The damaged motor home had red paint streaks on it that matched the Jeep, according to the complaint.

Troopers obtained a warrant and found Martin's Smith & Wesson 9 mm handgun in the gunsafe, loaded and with two bullets in the magazine.

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